The Sulu ..........If you ever travel to Scotland, you'll probably spend time looking to see someone wearing a kilt. You may not succeed in that mission. They really aren't that common. However, you'll have a lot more luck in Fiji looking for men wearing a sulu. (Sorry, it has nothing to do with Star Trek.) It's a traditional wrap around skirt. You'll see more men wearing pants, for sure, but the sulu is common enough that you never have to hunt to see someone wearing one.

I must say that I was a little curious. If you wear a wrap around skirt, where do you put your wallet? Well, sometimes you just have to ask, and I did. That's when I learned that a sulu has pockets in the front and it has a little clasp on the side where you can really secure the skirt and prevent any embarrassing fashion statements. If I didn't ask, I wouldn't know. And now, you also know.

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