Suva ..........The capital of Fiji is just a twenty minute flight from the main airport in Nadi. It would also be an easy bus ride depending on how much luggage you have on the day. The largest city in the country has about every convenience that you might need. The one thing missing was easily accessible travel agencies. You may need to plan ahead, but thank goodness for the Internet.

Surprisingly, there really wasn't a whole lot to do as a tourist in Suva. There were no cultural dance shows, which I always try to find. The musuem was an excellent place to explore, especially tapa cloth. The vegetable market was one of the nicest ones I've ever seen anywhere. But by far, the best thing that Suva and Fiji have going for themselves is the people. One of the first words you should learn upon arrival is "bula" which means "welcome". If you are truly welcomed, you'll have yourself a kava experience or two and learn what a "sulu" is. And, if you are extremely lucky, a kava experience could even lead to another island adventure.

Tapa Cloth at the National Museum

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