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Copan Ruinas ........When I finally arrived in Copan Ruinas , after a very unusual transportation misadventure, it was a pleasant surprise. I found myself in a sleepy, little, colonial village with winding cobblestone streets. I instantly knew that my visit of less than 24 hours was going to be way too short.

It was nearly dark by the time I arrived in Copan Ruinas. I planned to find a hotel on the central square. It probably would have been a little expensive. But, as soon as I stepped off the bus, I was greeted by a young man who wanted to take me to his family run hotel. (The same thing happens in so many destinations around the world.) The room was only $12.00 and so very convenient. I walked four blocks away from the square to the edge of town. Yep, a small town! I tossed my luggage and headed to town for some food. I needed at least one meal during the day.

Nearly everything I wanted to see in Copan Ruinas was around the central plaza. Shops, souvenirs and something to eat. The actual Copan ruins were an easy fifteen minute walk out of town.

Cowboy hats were the preferred style in Copan Ruinas
Car repair shop, Honduran style
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