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Walk the Line

QUITO, ECUADOR ...Y This capital city is set inside a mountain valley. If you stand in the center, you can see all the way to the left and the right of the city. However, it is really long.

If you only have part of a day to tour the city (which unfortunately is all I had) there is just one place you must see -- The Middle of the World Park. Yes, it's kinda (very) touristy, but some things you need to see. At this park, you can straddle the equator and get your photo taken with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other foot in the Southern Hemisphere. I even got a certificate to commemorate the experience.

I must go back to Quito some day. I need more time to stroll old town. All I really saw was a magnificent Baroque church. Baroque style of architecture is considered over the top. This church was over the top in gold and maroon, and just incredible.

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