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The Rise of Early Civilizations     By the early fourth millennium B.C., the population of the Tigris - Euphrates increased; and city-states arose.  By 2000 BC the cities of Sumer had grown so large that some like Ur, the capital city, had populations more than 200,000 persons.

Hammurabi, the Priest King     Hammurabi (ca. 1792 - 1750 BC) united all of Mesopotamia under his forty-three year reign of Babylon.  Although Hammurabi's Code is not the first code of laws (the first records date four centuries earlier), it is the best preserved legal document reflecting the social structure of Babylon during Hammurabi's rule.

About the Code     Two hundred eighty-two laws, concerning a wide variety of abuses, justify Hammurabi's claim of having acted "like a real father to his people . . . [who] has established prosperity . . . and (gave) good government to the land."

See for Yourself      The laws were discovered in 1901 on a stela now in the Louvre Museum of Paris, France. 

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FOLK TALES    If you like this site, you may also like the folk tales collected by the author while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia and as a muralist around the world. They are kid tested and approved by students of all ages.

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FREE CLIP ART   Yep, free Clip Art by Phillip Martin! Remember, it really is FREE art for your classroom, newsletters, or wherever you can find a non-profit use. Check back often because it continues to grow

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PPPST.COM     Pppst!! I've teamed up with Don and Lin Donn of Mr Donn's Ancient History to start Pete's Power Point Station. Need to find a Powerpoint presentation on just about anything? This is where you need to look first. Need lesson plans on ancient history? Go to Mr. Donn.

MURALS by PHILLIP MARTIN    They weren't my own brilliant idea. The murals kind of took on a life of their own because of the free clip art. It started with an email from Namibia, but now you never know where I might show up with brush in hand.
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