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the Yellow Brick Road

ARLES....If you travel with a guidebook, you just don't need it in Arles. The tourist office was in the train station. For one euro, I got the map I needed to take care of me for the day. In Arles there are about ten Van Gogh destinations. I was able to locate eight of them. Okay, the yellow markers weren't as clear as I would have liked in a few places, and all munchkins in the area only spoke French. If I asked for help (which I didn't) they probably would have scowled at yet another tourist and said, "Follow the yellow brick road!" So, I was pleased with the success I had.

I know quite a few of Van Gogh's paintings, but I only recognized two of the destinations. The famous yellow house where the artist stayed in Arles, as well as that bedroom scene, was destroyed in World War II. The house was very close to the train station and its marker was the first one I located. All Van Gogh locations in Arles have markers with the paintings inspired by the scene and some information in French.


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I really loved the interior courtyard of the hospital where Van Gogh painted one of his masterpieces. I stood in the very spot where my favorite artist painted! It was right by the tree where he captured the view of a fountain and some yellow arches. It was a magical moment for me - and hopefully for the thirty or so Japanese tourists who wandered into the courtyard along with me. I ignored them and savored the moment.

I planned my route saving the best destination for last. The night café, that I have known and loved for years, was located at a small plaza area right in the center of Arles. I had to eat at that café (and take oh, so many photos!) Well, I learned something about France in the process. Cafés served lunch from noon until 1:30 in the afternoon. After that, you can only get drinks. So, I had a coffee at the café -- and still took lots of photos. I definitely saved the best till last.


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the Night Café
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