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the Atlantic coastline

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eating very well


BRETIGNOLLES sur MER . This trip to the Atlantic coast of France was not like my usual vacations where I'd wander off to places like Uganda, Vietnam, or Ethiopia which most of people in the rest of the world considered unusual.. No, this vacation to Bretignolles-sur-Mer was a family-style vacation stuck in one place for the entire ten days.. When I saw the mobile home, amid one thousand other mobile homes, I thought I might scream.. This was one of several campsites in the area.. I really couldn't imagine anyone considering this a "normal" vacation.

Still, this was where my friend had come for vacation the past thirty years.. If he didn't go there, he didn't feel he had a vacation.. Well, I certainly never had any vacation like it before.. We hung out at the mobile home almost the whole vacation.. Of course, it was just a five minute walk over huge dunes to the ocean.. And, one day we went to Puy du Fou.

I was continually amazed that thousands of people really considered this a vacation.. The big event of our day was going to the grocery to plan our daily meals.. Fortunately, I didn't do the cooking.. Every day was a barbecue - and really good.. I ate very well.. Too well!

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