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Chateau D'If  

MARSEILLE...Okay, I'm the first to say that I didn't see all that should be seen in Marseille. I had two things on my must see list. From the shore, I saw Chateau D'If, the 16th century island fortress that was the setting for the Count of Monte Cristo. There was no time this go around for the ferry ride to the island.

The other must see was the Basilique Notre Dame. Built on the highest location in the city, with origins dating back to the 13th century, this church has towered over the city for centuries. In my very brief tour of the city, this was my number one destination.


It's believed that Notre Dame protects the fishermen of Marseille. The faithful have hung minature versions of their ships from the ceiling of the basilica in gratitude for protection while at sea.

Now, I might not have gotten to know Marseille as well as I would have liked, but the people of Marseille did get to know a little about me. The story of the mural made the local paper in Marseille.


The miniature boats
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