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The view of the Parthenon from my hotel room

ATHENS     Bus connections to town were easy and as soon as I got off in the city (under the shadow of the Acropolis) it began to rain.  Rain or no rain, I was a little selective where I'd stay and how much I'd pay -- at first.  Finally -- very wet -- I found an acceptable home.  I could see the Parthenon from my window!  As I fell asleep, I saw the entire Acropolis lit up from my bedroom window.

My list of places to visit included a lot of walking.  The first, of course, was the Acropolis.  Sundays were free admission so every tourist in Athens was there -- but it was still awesome.  It must have been glorious in its day because it still was magnificent.  Throughout the day, as I walked the Plaka, I had to stop and admire it.  I also visited the Haephestus temple (the best preserved in Greece), the Agora, Areopagus (where St. Paul preached), and the Academy.  Before going to bed, I walked along the road named after St. Paul that circled the Acropolis.  It was where you went to see the light show.


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