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An ancient Greek amphitheater

DELPHI     The closer to Delphi, the more beautiful.  Mr. Parnassus was very stark and lovely.  Delphi, too, was a beautiful place - but a bit on the tourist trap side.  Fortunately, it was free to enter the Temple of Athena and the gymnasium. 

LITOHORO and THESSOLONIKI     I paid to go to Litohoro at the base of Mt. Olympus but I was dropped off on the main road intersection five kilometers away.   I think I paid for more than that.  Fortunately, I hitched a ride to town. Unfortunately, the few hotels there were booked.   I ended up going on to Thessoloniki and walked the town.  Fortunately, museums tended to be free on Sunday.  I went up the White Tower Museum and headed to the Archeological Museum.  The neatest exhibit was from the tomb of Philip the II of Macedonia.  The display showed his gold oak leaf crown, weapons, and other priceless items from the tomb.  It had been unopened so all treasures were intact. 

KALAMBAKA    The cliffs around Kalambaka were dotted with monasteries.  There had been twenty-four but now five were in use.  It offered a good example of Byzantine art.  I was more impressed by the isolation and what it must have taken to build them.  They used to use nets to raise and lower supplies -- but someone had to build them before the nets could be used.  I climbed two and agreed with my guide book.  You didn't have to see all the monasteries.  It was quite a hike but so well worth it.


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