along the canals

one of a million

inside the basilica

VENICE ..I finally made it to Venice. Italy has so much art and culture. I've traveled so much of the world and kind have put off Italy while I visited less accessible destinations. But, it is time to see Italy.

I only had a whirlwind weekend in the city, but it was quite a weekend. I didn't know anything about Venice before I arrived. I didn't even know it was a series of islands. That's kind of basic, but I didn't know it.

Upon arrival, the first things I noticed were the masks. So many different kinds and colors! But, since I have a house full of souvenirs, I only took photos. Lots of photos.

Venice is a maze of winding streets, narrow passageways, colorful shops, and, of course, canals. It was good that I went there with friends. Otherwise, I would have spent half of my time lost in the city. I just followed my friends and took in the sites along the way.

Everyone who visits Venice eventually finds their way to the Piazza San Marco. I was told I was lucky that it wasn't flooded on the day I visited. Not only was it not flooded, but the skies cleared and the sun came out. It was a beautiful site. Along one side of the square is St. Mark's Cathedral. A tour takes you up to the rooftop to see an even more incredible view of the plaza.

And, if you do nothing else, you have to ride in a gondola.

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