CASA MILA (LA PEDRERA). ..You may not know the name, but if you know anything about GaudÝ's work, you've seen pictures of Casa MilÓ. Built between 1906 and 1912, it was GaudÝ's last apartment block. Because it looks like it could have been hewn from stone, it is commonly referred to as la Pedrera, the Quarry. The rippling wave effect is accented by elaborate wrought iron balconies. GaudÝ was so far ahead of the time with this creation. It was widely ridiculed when completed and badly damaged over time. Because it is so unusual, I didn't see how I could possibly miss it as I hiked in it's direction. But, miss it I did. How could that be possible? It is so amazingly unique! I was a block off, on the wrong street. Once I figured out my map, I found what I wanted.

It is no wonder at all that the building was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. The local bank that now headquarters in it, La Caixa de Catalunya, spent a fortune to renovate the place. And, they did it so well. After taking lots of photos from the outside looking up, hop on an elevator and go up for a better view.


The first stop is an apartment renovated with magnificent Art Nouveau furnishings. I've collected a few Art Nouveau things over the years. My home looks nothing like this. It is incredible! The next stop on the tour is the attic. Usually, an attic isn't a tourist destination. And, this attic in the 1950's had been converted into thirteen apartments. If the original wooden beams were visible, they would have been very cool apartments. As they are now, all the apartments were gone and the attic with ornate beams is a permanent exhibition space dedicated to GaudÝ's work.


And then, there's the rooftop!  
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