zillions of visitors the correct entrance

PARK GUELL. .. This is the only site I visited that was not right off a metro line or in the center. My guidebook said to just follow the signs. But, if the was a wrong way to get there, I can find it. I walked way around the long way and came in a back entrance. Even in December, I worked up a sweat.


scales up closer

The original plans in 1900 were to turn this park into an English garden when Count Eusebi Güell bought the tree covered area that was once on the edge of Barcelona. But, you don't get an English style garden when you let Gaudí try his hand at landscape design. No where in England do you see the Hansel and Gretel style gate-houses that greet you, if you find the front entrance. The steps up from the entrance have a mosaic lizard that is photographed by nearly every tourist. It really is the most known object in the park, but all the postcards are serene and calm. I had to be very quick to capture photos during the milliseconds that were free. But, I was successful and a happy photographer.


the Gaudí gate  
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